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[last updated: 6th February 2012]



Dropping Out (For Students) #1 by Cavegirl/Crimethinc. (30 pages, copied) [RM2]

Forget Terrorism: The Hijacking of Reality/After the Fall: Analysis of the Events of 9/11 by Crimethinc. (22 pages, copied) [RM1]

HOMESICK: A Malaysian Zine Omnibus (Vol. 1) [RM4]
This is a superb effort to combine a bunch of NEW zine writings and release them together. Featuring Abastained Agogo, DRSA, A Dream?, Conscious, Mosh, Adaptation, Ancaman Kecil, Bebal, Qaseh Sayunk, Dead Memories, Hitam Putih, Masked Reader, Sebutir Bintang Merah, Ranjau Di Jalanan and Blur. Punk who love to read, rule and you lose!

Zine from the east-coast of malaysia, by Anix (founder of Crysis Records). This  issue features the usual articles, columns, poetry, reviews and also an interview with John D. Madman

A local collective zine with a lot of interesting stuff. This issue is packed with good columns, interviews (with Daighila and This Is Atlantis), reviews, etc.

The Art of Politics: A Primer for Community Self-Defense by Crimethinc. (14 pages, copied) [RM1]

The Party’s Over: Beyond Politics, Beyond Democracy by Crimethinc. (37 pages, copied) [RM2]

Wasted, Indeed: Anarchy & Alcohol/How Civilization Come to Fiend or How the Fiends Came Be Civilized by Crimethinc. (20 pages, copied) [RM2]

White Shark Tales: Vanarchy in the USA byCrimethinc. (34 pages, copied) [RM2]



JOEY CAPE Doesn’t Play Well With Others (Cellulite Records/Stray Cat & Chocolate Shake Records [RM10] NEW!
Doesn’t Play Well with Others is the second full-length solo album by Lagwagon and Bad Astronaut frontman, Joey Cape. DPWWO stands out in his catalogue because it finds great, subtle, musical textures to support the words and voice. Characteristically, Cape writes about aging, anxieties, relationships, responsibilities—but he throws in a few caustic-but-catchy numbers about white entitlement (“It’s Always Sunny”) and the American war addiction (“Uniform”). The emotional load is lightened by the loving “Montreal” which features soft horns, accordion, and a French interlude a la The Band’s “Acadian Driftwood.” [review by Mike Ostrov, for Ninebullets.net]


ACTS OF SEDITION The Bush Years: 2004-2008 CD [RM12] NEW!
36 tracks of tight angry political HC punks from Oakland. Acts Of Sedition embody the DIY punk ethic. They rip through with a unique flair, borrowing punk and hardcore sounds from Black Flag as well as modern heavyweights such as Artimus Pyle and Hot Cross with overtly political lyrics. [review stolen from somewhere]

ALWAYS LAST Antidotes (Pissart/Nervhous/Embrace) [RM15]
If Fat Wreck Chords ever opens up a Malaysian office, then Always Last ought to be the first signing. They have managed to distill that signature “Fat Sound” (i.e Bad Religion filtered through the lens of NOFX, ending up like a cross between No Use For A Name, Good Riddance, and Propagandhi), sing in perfect english, and faithfully reproduce the variety melodic pop-punk styles that early randy did so well. Always Last, of course, might scoff at the likes of Fat. The lyrics and liner notes are staunchly independent/diy-’til-death, and the record is co-released by three different Malaysian labels (i just picked one here to list arbitrarily). Personally, methinks it’s pretty excellent all around (a little off-key singing notwithstanding), though its always trifle odd to think of the, ahem, reach of cultural imperialism that such western sounds (and ideas) can be reproduced wholesale. but there you go, that’s internationalism for you! [review by Ramsey Kanaan, Maximum Rock N Roll]

BIG KIDS Hoop Dreams [RM8]NEW!
Big Kids capture the bliss of playing music with your good friends, touring in a shitty van, playing killer house shows and seeing life through the prism of punk rock. Melodies and dirt, sing-alongs and feedback, relationships and ideas…all are represented on their debut LP, Hoop Dreams. If you dig bands like newer Piebald, Small Brown Bike, Bear Vs. Shark, or New Bruises, this band is already your next favorite. [review stolen and modified from Topshelf]

BROKEN NEEDLE Discography (Lengua Armada Records) [RM20]
This disc compiles 26 tracks from Los Angeles, CA’s Broken Needle, with the eight tracks from their demo, 10 tracks from their Lengua Armada 12″, five tracks from their Schizophrenic Records 7″, two comp tracks and a previously unreleased Uniform Choice cover!

GOVERNMENT FLU Fuck Poetics + Demo 2008 CD (Refuse Records) [RM20] NEW!
Polish punk / hardcore “all stars” combo playing early 80s influenced brand of Black Flag, Minor Threat, Faith, Negative Approach, Die Kreuzen, Dead Kennedys, N.O.T.A. influenced music, following the paths of Direct Control, Career Suicide, Government Warning or Citizens Patrol. This CD combines their 1st two 7″ EPs both released in 2009.
[http://www.myspace.com/governmentflufuckyou]HIT ME BACK Life CD (Refuse Records) [RM20] NEW!
This is full length-release from this Los Angeles band. After two 7′s and two split 7″s we have it here thirteen brand new songs that have more influences of more anthemic and melodic early 80′s punk and hardcore, but still with fast and thrash hardcore parts. You can expect lots of youthful expression and energy coming out of this record. Their lyrics covering personal and social issues, not forgetting about some humor and passions of the band members – skateboarding and records collecting. All the songs were recorded in LA by Craigums (What Happens Next?). CD version contains eight bonus songs. Seven of them are taken from “Only Magic School Bus Goes Back In Time” 7″ep (including Heresy cover) and one coming from the same session, previously never released.

JOHN Q. PUBLIC The Neverending Why (Middle Man Records) [RM20]
Think of Lifetime and Kid Dynamite, and even some Propagandhi!

JOHN Q. PUBLIC/THE FALSIES split CD (Middle Man Records) [RM20]
Look at the description above, and add the fact that The Falsies also play melodic punk rock and reminds a little bit like Gorilla Biscuits

NUISANCE DRILLED All is Well, Euphoric Ending [RM10] (Dogma Artistic Guerilla/Revulsion)
Nuisance Drilled on this recording consists of 3 members of Sarjan Hassan and 1 member from Banzai 606 which both are thrash core bands. But if you think this is another thrashcore band, you might be wrong. This is the debut CD of the heavy hitting, howling sludge violence from the depths of Klang Valley, Malaysia! This CD contains 6 tracks with samples from “Enam Jahanam” movie between each song. A very “artistic” and “conceptual” CD. Come in a  digipack with the frontman’s artwork scattered all over the inlay.

SPIRES Flowers and Fireworks (Pissart) [RM12]
Spires, from Oakland, CA, pour their hearts out on this album, with ten tracks of heavy and melodic hardcore that move seamlessly between hushed tones, spacy guitar riffs and crushing torrents of sound, similar to the sounds of bands like Envy and Burial Year.

STRAIGHT ANSWER Complete Discography: 1996 – 2007 (Nervhous/Cactus) [RM10]
Straight fucking hardcore. After short hiaturs since the year 2004,
they will hit the pit again. Cactus records proud to release this discography CD that compile all the songs from demo “bangkit melawan tunduk ditindas” (1998), Straight answer is your friends (1999 under movement records), and “kami belum menyerah” full length (2002 under movement records). All in all 18 songs re-recorded back. For all of you who dont know straight answer, they are an Indonesian hardcore band that get started since 1996. Straight forward hardcore with intelligent lyrics and to speak straight answer was among the most respectable band from Indonesia during the late 90’s and early millenium (review stolen from Bullwhip Records)

THY REGIMENT Forgive & Forget (United Front/Nervhous Records) [RM12]
10 songs of modern passionate hardcore in the vein of Terror and Throwdown. If you’re into those kind of bands, yup those tough-guy hardcore sounds, this one is for you!
[http://www.myspace.com/thyregiment7]TOXICTOY Amazingly Realistic Puke! (Nervhous Records) [RM10]
Take Hi-Standard, MxPx, and pick one more skatepunk band from the 90’s and blend it together, and the good juice you get will be called TOXICTOY! Very catchy, memorable and makes you smile for the next 24 hours.

UN QUARTO MORTO Il Dono Della Sintesi: First Fast Three Years CD (Shove Records) [RM12]
Un Quarto Morto from Italy packed the songs of their three-years-band-history on one CD and released “Il Dono Della Sintesi” as a DIY-production. 24 songs are waiting for you guys, no time to take a rest, this oldschool-hardcore will keep you moving, I promise. Inspired by bands from the late 80s like Minor Threat, Youth Of Today or Black Flag, this four-piece loves their music to be fast and intense. 90-seconds-songs with a real aggressive voice make you finde your way to the dancefloor. Take your time and check out this fine italian Trash-Hardcore-Band!

V/A Bollok Wok, Volume 3 (Nervhous) [RM8]
A compilation of bands from the East Coast of Malaysia, Terengganu. A good effort of documenting the scene there!

This is the 1st installment of a 4 way split series by Nervhous Records featuring SKUNFIX (3 piece melodic punk rock/pop punk in the vein of Screeching Weasel, The Queers and faster version of Green Day), STICK NO BILL (Potshot and Kemuri worshipers), BRAYOK (melodic punk rock/hardcore punk from Ipoh) and THE RAY GRADYS (featuring member of MORNING GLORY, from USA)
[http://www.myspace.com/skunkfix] [http://www.myspace.com/sticknobill] [http://www.myspace.com/brayok] [http://www.myspace.com/theraygradys]

V/A TAKEONEMILLPARTYSORE 4 way split CD (Pissart Records) [RM10]
This is gonna be your new favourite thrash/hardcore/grind/powerviolence split, features TAKE ONE FOR THE TEAM (thrash/powerviolence from Ontario), DARKMILL (thrash/grind from Quebec), EYESORE (thrash/grind from Nova Scotia), THE DONNER PARTY (powerviolence from Ontario). All-Canadian fast thrash/powerviolence mayhem! 30 tracks in this are for all you SPAZZ, Infest, Lack of Interest worshipers! Absolutely recommended!
[http://www.myspace.com/toftt] [http://www.myspace.com/darkmill] [http://www.myspace.com/tdpthrash] [http://www.myspace.com/eyesorens]


V/A – Tomorrow Will Be Worse Part 1