Cellulite Records is a small DIY punk label and distro, started back in 2007 by 2 punks. 1 punk left the label to start a new one, then another punk came in to help. So now the label is back, run by 2 punks once again. Remember, we’re a small DIY punk label so we don’t sign bands. We’re not Sony or Universal. However, we will try helping the bands that we love, like releasing their stuff and maybe help them to put out a show here!

The main concern is not how the music sounds, but the lyrics and messages potrayed in the music itself. However, we do enjoy a good dose of punk rock, ska-punk, crust, grind, hardcore and any form of good music as long as it promotes the DIY punk culture and is not against any of our ideas and beliefs!

Absolutely no Racist, Fascist, Sexist, Homophobic bullshit here!!!


You’re interested to get your CD’s/tapes/vinyls/zines/books to be distributed? Sure, we would love to help BUT sorry, we are only able sell your stuff using consignments method (meaning: you send in your stuff and when we get them, we will help you sell them and at the end of the day, we will return the wholesale price to you, how’s that?). Please understand that we’re a very small-scaled DIY punk distro that runs out of a bedroom. That means we’re broke ALMOST most of the time. But still, we would love to work things out and help you punks out there! Please contact us at celluliterecords@gmail.com

Let’s communicate!