Acts of Sedition + Big Kids

Hello punks, we have 2 brand new releases available for sale.

ACTS OF SEDITION The Bush Years: 2004-2008 CD [RM12]
36 tracks of tight angry political HC punks from Oakland. Acts Of Sedition embody the DIY punk ethic. They rip through with a unique flair, borrowing punk and hardcore sounds from Black Flag as well as modern heavyweights such as Artimus Pyle and Hot Cross with overtly political lyrics. [review stolen from somewhere]

check out Acts of Sedition playing live at the Speed Trial show @ 924 Gilman:

BIG KIDS Hoop Dreams [RM8]

Big Kids capture the bliss of playing music with your good friends, touring in a shitty van, playing killer house shows and seeing life through the prism of punk rock. Melodies and dirt, sing-alongs and feedback, relationships and ideas…all are represented on their debut LP, Hoop Dreams. If you dig bands like newer Piebald, Small Brown Bike, Bear Vs. Shark, or New Bruises, this band is already your next favorite. [review stolen and modified from Topshelf]
check out Big Kids play live:

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