New Stuff (November 10th, 2010)

LxExAxRxNx/SAMURAI CHAMPLOO split tape (Nasi Kandar Mosh) [RM6]
LEARN is from Italy played fast/thrash tuned with lotsa circle pit. SAMURAI CHAMPLOO is from Penang,Malaysia playing like tunes as Learn but more circle pit part.Nice split for fast music lovers.

WEOTSKAM Breaking (Nasi Kandar Mosh) [RM6]
Penang’s Long standing Hardcore/Punk/Fastcore maniacs are back with a new cassette ep titled “Breaking” – dedicated to the breaking of all the things involving racism, fascism, greed, arrogance, lack of respect for each other and conservative thinking in our society. Seven insane trax that will break open all closed minds!
GHAUST/ASEETHE split CD (Cactus Records) [RM15]
Split album featuring two new tracks from Ghaust, “Return Fire” and “Akasia RMX” (Remix by Morge Vanguard, who use to play with political rap group, Homicide). For this time, Ghaust deliver a tighter, and heavier element inside with less post rock influence. Recorded at Sinjitos Studio, Jakarta, that use to have name like Denial and Santamonica recorded there. Aseethe give a one full awesome track, called “The Armada”, with a structure that shadow a cross between Earth, Neurosis and the bands alike. The Armada had been Mastered by legendary James Plotkin (Khanate, Isis, Nadja). Two bands, Three tracks, clocking in 43 minutes of epic heaviness. For fans of Neurosis, Ocean, Khanate and Pelican. Come with a digipack full color packaging.
SMG (Malaysia) – grind noise, Camphora Monobromata (Russia) – mincecore in vein of Archagathus, Amnogomusikimalo (Russia) – noisecore with experimental touch.
V/A I HATE MY LIFE, SONGS TO KILL YOUR BOSS TO compilation CD (Good Times Records) [RM10]
featuring What Happens Next, In Defence, Un Quarto Morto, Clean Break, A Bit Of Brain Dead, Eye Gouge, Fedup, Prisonbitch, No Such Luck, Conquest For Death, S.M.D., The Mindless Show, Blocked Out, Party By The Slice, Get Rad, Slogan Free Youth, Malparido, All To Hell, The Strugglers, Pride Of Place, One Strength and Craterface. All these bands are killer and are made up of rad people so i don’t see why you shouldn’t get a hold of it. [description stolen from Good Times Records]
V/A INTERNATIONAL THRASH PARTY An 8 Way Split Blast (Problem Records/Flipped Up Records) [RM15]
8 bands from 7 countries all around the world. Featuring Black Sister, Clean Break, Napalm Breath, Crippled Fox, Injakmati, Waking The Dead, The Shining, and Minkions. Split release with Problem? Records from Scotland. 40 excellent thrash/punk/hardcore songs and pure DIY mentality.
TERROR FIRMER it’s a fast combo devoted to old school thrashing grindcore in the vein of REPULSION, HERESY, S.O.B., early NAPALM DEATH with 3 new blasting tracks after their split 7″ with HUMUS. Pure Alcoholic Terror! MINKIONS comes again very soon after their 3 way 12″ split with BARBATOS and VOETSEK with 2 new raging tracks of ’80s thrashcore metal influenced by DRI, CRYPTIC SLAUGHTER, ACCUSED + a WEHRMACHT cover!!! Put on your bandana!! Limited to 500 copies on black fucking yinyl! Buy it and let’s get drunk!

IN DEFENCE/PARTY BY THE SLICE split 7″ EP (Berzerker/Crash Assailant/ Goodtimes/Insulin Addicted) [RM15]
Good luck trying to find seven inches of wax with more fun crammed into it than this split between Twin Cities tacolytes In Defence and Milwaukee pizza-eaters Party By The Slice. Which band delivers the most fun? On “Bromophobia,” In Defence offers this line: “You’re just a boy with a cheesy mustache, Wanda Sykes is going to kick your ass.” On the flipside, Party By The Slice pairs the classic line from Romero’s Dawn of the Dead “When there’s no room left in hell, the dead will walk the earth” with “By the time they make it to the lunchroom, they’ll get their just desserts.” When you’re talking zombies, you’re talking my language. [review by MP Johnson, for Razorcake]
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