New Distro Updates!

MESRINE Going to the Morgue LP (Sonic Deadline Records) [RM25]
the limited vinyl re-release of their debut 2001 full-length! For those not already familiar with Mesrine, they play fucking brutal raw old school no compromise, no holds barred d-beat + death metal influenced GRINDCORE!!! Completely re-mastered and with all new artwork plus one extra bonus track not included in the original CD version, this release is limited to just 300 hand numbered copies.

THE MINDLESS SHOW/GASOLINE GRENADE split tape (Pissart Records) [RM6]
One of the most exciting projects from the local DIY scene is finally here! 11 tracks by the furiously brash but melodic GASOLINE GRENADE and the thoughtful, studious THE MINDLESS SHOW. [Ricecooker]
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* cheap wholesale rates! get in touch with us now! Less than 10 copies, RM5 each. 10 copies or more, RM4 each!

THY REGIMENT Forgive & Forget (United Front/Nervhous Records) [RM12]
10 songs of modern passionate hardcore in the vein of Terror and Throwdown. If you’re into those kind of bands, yup those tough-guy hardcore sounds, this one is for you!

TOWER OF ROME/GUN KATA split CD (Sonic Deadline Records) [RM15]
Tower of Rome get compared to such bands as Ed Gein, Discordance Axis, and Pig Destroyer, while Gun Kata features members 7000 Dying Rats, Kungfu Rick, and Hewhocorrupts, so that should give you an idea of the kind of music they play.
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