(Almost) huge 7 inch updates! (25/6/2010)

Dear punks, we have a bunch of 7 inches for you! Check these out:

FANZUI XIANGFA/DAIGHILA split (Revulsion Records) [RM16]
This is probably what they call lazy ‘journalism’ but I just can’t help comparing Fanzui Xiangfa with a certain Swedish band that went by the name Demon System 13 (DS-13). It is the kind of hardcore you associate with bandana and skateboard. Thrashcore? Well if you want to be anal about it, yes you can call it that way. Oh yeah, one of the band member is from Umea, Sweden and used to be in some semi well known band. You can thank me if any of that trivial stuff can actually save your life. It would be killer if they can just stick to one thing but maybe they just can’t decide it yet. As long as they can keep the circle pit busy, no one will be complaining, right? Daighila on the flipside present their take on what I would call destructo-core. There’s a little of hardcore, skramz and metal thrown in the mix. The OTT screaming vocals will either drive you into eternal orgasm or maddening rage. Whatever it is, you either like it or not. These guys are pretty raging live and it’s good to at least experience half of it on this piece of wax. If this split was actually a steel cage match, DAIGHILA definitely wins it without any doubt. But since this is not some competition, who the fuck cares? These dudes are upset with a lot of things in life and it is reflected pretty accurately on the two tracks they presented on this slab of vinyl. Hardcore! [review stolen from Revulsion Records]

FLATOUT Westbay Fastercore (625 Thrash/Unholy Thrash/Give Praise/Thrash Mouth) [RM12]
Flatout is totally over-the-top West Bay styled fastcore! Screams and growls round out fast blasting lines, sometimes over-taken by crucial mosh steps and breaks…leading into speedy hardcore!

GUNS N’ ROSA PARKS Antifreeze EP (Give Praise Records) [RM12]
Guns ‘N Rosa Parks is a band from the cold depths of Denver, Colorado. Harping in on the cold west hardcore bands, they truly make places like this stand out! Places that are not necessarily made for human people but noted Hardcore/punkrock historians, this maybe the perfect place. These folks plow through the songs with hardcore intensity! Oldschool hardcore blasts, and very catchy punk/hardcore breaks flow into circle pits, just so they can keep warm in the cold Denver weather. Fast and raw! They have been around since ’04 and putting out numerous demos, cdrs, and a split 7″ with In Defence, they are finally hear to dust off the snow and lay out a Full Length EP for themselves. This EP is stop-and-go oldschool hardcore from the start! Angry, and sincere about getting this done right! Also comes with a zine!

IN DEFENCE/PARTY BY THE SLICE split EP (Berzerker/Crash Assailant/ Goodtimes/Insulin Addicted) [RM12]
Good luck trying to find seven inches of wax with more fun crammed into it than this split between Twin Cities tacolytes In Defence and Milwaukee pizza-eaters Party By The Slice. Which band delivers the most fun? On “Bromophobia,” In Defence offers this line: “You’re just a boy with a cheesy mustache, Wanda Sykes is going to kick your ass.” On the flipside, Party By The Slice pairs the classic line from Romero’s Dawn of the Dead “When there’s no room left in hell, the dead will walk the earth” with “By the time they make it to the lunchroom, they’ll get their just desserts.” When you’re talking zombies, you’re talking my language. [review by MP Johnson, for Razorcake]
[http://www.myspace.com/indefence] [http://www.myspace.com/partybytheslice]

NO MANS SLAVE/I RESIGN split EP (Give Praise Records) [RM12]
Made for their Summer ’09 Tour! No Mans Slave is back with even more pulverizing music! Complete with catchy breaks and powerviolence infused blasts, these new songs do not let down. I Resign is new out of Oklahoma City with more of a hardcore approach to the powerviolence spectrum. Fast and over the top, but with some ties into the melodic hardcore feel.
[http://www.myspace.com/nomansslave] [http://www.myspace.com/iresign]

OPERATION EAT SHIT s/t EP (Give Praise Records) [RM12]
9 tracks in 11 minutes of early 80′s sounding hardcore with a real punk edge from France. Fast, raw, snotty, and loaded with catchy riffs and hooks. Put this in with a band somewhere along the lines of Sunpower musically, but with more of a early hardcore sound. This is a combination of their two split 7 inches on one record.

Nine Blazing HC tunes in about 4 minutes by Ottawa’s now defunct thrashers Take One For The Team + New songs from Oshawa’s grindcore hooligans FATO. Finally available! Only 300 made including 100 on green vinyl.
[http://www.takeonethrash.com] [http://www.myspace.com/toftt] [http://www.myspace.com/fato]

TAKE ONE FOR THE TEAM The Spaghetti Western  (Sir Punkly) [RM12]
Now this is right down my throat: killer amp-ed up youth-fest hardcore punk from ottawa punx TOFTT. Dare i say this sounds a hell of a lot like an inbreeding experiment between I SPY and THE NEIGHBORS??? Fast as shit punk with a simple, old school melodic edge that just rages from start to end. I admit, I’m missing out on a lot of the inside Ottawa scene jokes here but these kids make me believe their hearts are and minds are dead-on. DIY and punk as fuck. Rules. [review by Short, Fast & Loud]
[http://www.takeonethrash.com] [http://www.myspace.com/toftt]


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