New Arrivals (21/6/2010)

Hey punx! check out our new arrivals in the distro! Limited copies only! If you’re interested, you know what to do!

AGATHOCLES/GATT split CD (Jerk Off Records) [RM12]
Raw noisy grinding mince core. GATT is a 3-piece grind/crust from Jakarta, Indonesia. They play dark, heavy grind-punk like Discharge or Dystopia meets old school grindcore like Napalm Death or Unholy Grave with lyrics mainly focus on political and social issues. Expect nothing but raw, in your face, old school grindcore with fast-paced power chords and loads of blazing tempos. Grind crust as fuck [taken from Jerk Off Records MySpace]
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Think this might be AG’s 666 split offering, ok it really isn’t- and for the nerds that keep track of this shit there is a pretty neat AG discography printed on the inside of the CD tray. Gawd be damned do they have a ton o’releases out! Here we have Beer-gium’s mince masters bringing on eleven brutal slashes to the throat accompanied by Canaduh’s THE VANISHING ACT who offer up four brutally heavy grinderz that are completely relentless in delivery. They even pull off a sweet IMPETIGO cover. Nice pairing of two international extreme core bands that do what they do, pretty damn good. Check it. [review by LawLess, for Profane Existence #57]
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CONQUEST FOR DEATH Beyond Armageddon: The First Two Albums CD (Cactus) [RM12]
Fresh off of their tour of Southern Africa, and pressed for their 2008 tour of Australia and Southeast Asia, Conquest For Death offer up this collection of both of their full-lengths “Beyond The Hidden Valley” and “Front Row Tickets To Armageddon” plus one Plasmatics cover, for a total of 30 tracks in all. QFD feature members of What Happens Next?, Your Mother and Artimus Pyle and bring thrashing hardcore punk with a strong political, do-it-yourself attitude [description stolen from]
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PUTRESCENCE Dawn of the Necrofecalizer CD (No Escape Records) [RM12]
This is the brand new second cd of Putrescence, which is possibly my fave canadian band! Clearly, the band sounds quite different compared to their debut full length, sound production is alot cleaner and more polished… I always prefer more of a raw edge in my grind but the band manages to keep a visceral type of energy. Style is a mix of “brutal” death metal and grind, keeping a relatively technical edge but never pulling any punches; I’d situate their sound between Hideous Mangleus & Dead Infection. Gutsy roaring growls and maniacal shrieks, low-tuned and intricate riffing, cool distorted bass sound, solid pounding and blasting drumming. Superb death/grind with a great flowing sound. Lyrics are pure comedy, so absurd and random they always get hilarious, clearly poking fun at gory lyrics in a smart-ass Bodies Lay Broken /Birdflesh way though always still remaining entertaining all the way… All in all, a brillant come-back, two thumbs up, absolutely recommended, don’t miss this one, steal it if you must and all that stuff [review by Braindead]

Ottawa natives Take One for the Team have teamed up with the now defunct Antennas for a split that proves why Ottawa bands are making their mark as of late. The Antennas put for a good effort, with dueling axes and fast punk beats, although the first song on this release by The Antennas is quite a cheesy love song. Take One for the Team speed things up a little with punk rock the way it should be, and before you know it this split is over. Great release from both bands, with outstanding artwork by local artist Pascale. I really believe that Take One for the Team are one of the better bands coming out of Ottawa right now, check them out. [review by I Lubricate You]
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TAKE ONE FOR THE TEAM Mosh Hard With A Vengeance CD (Sir Punkly) [RM12]
Ottawa’s answer to SPAZZ. And they do a good job of it. Power violence to the core. Some INFEST influences, a little NO COMMENT, and loads of humour. They just totally remind me of SPAZZ. There are quite a few references to hardcore in the lyrics subject matter. A gauntlet is thrown down at CRUCIAL UNIT in “Iced Tea in Your Face”. And I think AND THE SAGA CONTINUES gets criticized in “Revenge is a dish best served sandwich”. A zine gets called out in “Moon Conspiracy”, a label in “Good News, Bad News”, and a promoter in “Pay to Play”. The band has advice for the scene in “Sharing Gear is the best”, “DIY not CRY”, “At the Gates of Noise”,”Blackburn”, “TxDxP”, and the title track. “Post Office Core” Is a song that should have been written years ago. “A New Chapter” expresses the satisfaction of quitting a job that we can all relate to. Mexican wrestling masks, boxer shorts, and power violence all from the nation’s capital. Wicked fast and wicked fun. [review by Equalizing Distort, April 2007]

UN QUARTO MORTO Il Dono Della Sintesi: First Fast Three Years CD (Shove Records) [RM12]
Un Quarto Morto from Italy packed the songs of their three-years-band-history on one CD and released “Il Dono Della Sintesi” as a DIY-production. 24 songs are waiting for you guys, no time to take a rest, this oldschool-hardcore will keep you moving, I promise. Inspired by bands from the late 80s like Minor Threat, Youth Of Today or Black Flag, this four-piece loves their music to be fast and intense. 90-seconds-songs with a real aggressive voice make you finde your way to the dancefloor. Take your time and check out this fine italian Trash-Hardcore-Band!

PUTRESCENCE Dawn of the Necrofecalizer CD

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