CAPITALIST CASUALTIES 1996-1999: Years in Ruin CD (Six Weeks) RM25
This is the third installment in the Capitalist Casualties discography series on Six Weeks, this time compiling the recordings from 1996 to 1999 of this seminal California political thrashcore band. For those still unfamiliar, this Bay Area band set the standard in the 90’s for stop and start, relentless fast hardcore with harsh, depressing and political lyrical outbursts. This CD contains 30 more mega-blasts of anger from various out of print EP’s and split EP’s, all never before released on CD.

CAPITALIST CASUALTIES Subdivisions in Ruin CD (Six Weeks) RM25
22-song long power violence/thrash mayhem from one of the longest running hardcore units around (since 1986!!). Dark, powerful and lyrically intense thrash from the last remaining power violence band. Kills.

CAPITALIST CASUALTIES Disassembly Line CD (Six Weeks) RM25
Re-issue of the long lost CC LP on Slap-a-Ham from 1992. Head bashing thrash before it was trendy, this LP laid the groundwork for an onslaught of extreme hardcore band in the 90’s. 21 atomic detonations of early power violence, not seen or heard in 10 years. CD has bonus comp tracks from the LP recording session as well as the “Art Of Ballsitcs” EP from 1991.


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