Distro List updated!

Hi, welcome to Cellulite Records & Distro blog or website or whatever the hell you wanna call it. All these while we have been on a so-called “hiatus” (that’s cheesy nowadays right?), but what the hell! WE ARE BACK! We just updated the whole distro list, along view the descriptions and reviews that we stole online but hey no worries! We won’t claim the reviews or descriptions as our own, we did put where we got them. And what else? we also put the links to the bands’ websites so that you people can give them a listen before buying! Check out the distro list on the menu above.

We just ordered a bunch of zines from Microcosm Publishing to be distributed here in Malaysia and expected to arrive some time next week hopefully BUT unfortunately they are in limited quantities. We told our friends who we think might be interested in them and we also announced it on our facebook profile. Most of them are booked! Sorry, better luck next time! Do contact us on our email, which is celluliterecords@gmail.com to check out what zines are still available!

Until then, see you punks around!


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