New Zines Coming Soon!

Hello people, we just ordered a bunch of the stuff listed below for the distro. If you are interested, please do not hesitate to drop us a line! Thanks!

AVOW #21 by Keith Rosson (RM10, 32 pages)
Description: New story issue. Giving Herman Melville a run for his money with such hits as “Riding The Nines (Or Why I Hate Teenagers)”, “I’m In It For The Bagels, Dude” and “The Dogs Of War Went To Obedience School” [taken from Keith Rosson’s website]

AVOW #22 by Keith Rosson [RM10, 32 pages]
First issue in over a year. More stories. Death! Breakups! Nosebleeds in the grocery store! Hangovers! Hopelessness! Fistfights at a Bullett Boyz show! Featuring such fine missives as “Our Children’s Wars”, “Welcome To Fuckedville”, “Summer, I Declare Thee So Not Awesome” and more. Two-color cover (colors will vary) [taken from Keith Rosson’s website]

Bipedal, By Pedal! [RM12, 40 pages]
Expozine Best English Zine Award Winner 2008! A social history and tactics lesson about the Critical Mass bicycle movement. Initially meant to serve as a lesson for the unaware, this document is a refresher and motivator about the movement. The biggest question – “is Critical Mass a protest or a celebration?” is explored in extensive detail here and in submission pieces by Ted White (early Critical Mass co-founder and director of “We aren’t blocking Traffic!” documentary), Ayleen Crotty (co-host of the KBOO bike show), Scott Larkin (Go By Bicycle zine) , and more. There are also extensive reprints from the 1995 Critical Mass zine “Hey! Get Out of Our Way!” that updates the text and ideas. Illustrations (on every page!) by Matt Gauck, Fly, Sparky Taylor, Andy Singer, a clipping from “The Oregonian”, and more! [taken from Microcosm Publishing website]

Cometbus #53 by Aaron Cometbus [RM15, 60 pages]
Cometbus 53! Maddalena Poletta and Aaron trade writing duties in this issue, and their writing styles compliment each other quite nicely. You can always count on Cometbus to provide a good subcultural fable. where punks are the protagonists, and hippies often the fools. The villainous roles are filled by time, and death, and the whole thing will be related to books somehow. Even as Aaron implores the reader to focus on more than the ending, to pay attention to the process itself, he provides us with storybook reliability, and comforting resolution every time. The issue features Bent Stories, wherein motorcycles are ridden, and hats lost forever. It also includes the fascinating story of John Holmstrom, student under Will Eisner, and perhaps, the inventor of punk as we know it. In the NYC Scene Report, we learn what punk shirts are being worn around town, and Hole In The Wall is about an underground “apartment” in a subway tunnel. Maddalena tells a series of stories about cancer that will break your heart, one in the form of letters. And Nate Powell did the cover. Yes! [taken from Microcosm Publishing website]

Doris Anthology: 1991-2001 by Cindy Crabb [RM40, 320 pages]
Cindy writes her zine, DORIS, like she is figuring out the human condition. She makes writing about the simplest and most common things – playing music, childhood, cooking, or sex- resonate with universal understanding. She helps us make sense of more complex things like the satisfaction from doing useful work, natural curiosity, the ability to use logic, gender dynamics, introspection, the need for challenge and change, combating depression, and creating art and literature. She shares and explores the emotions that go along with having an abortion, rape, dealing with the death of family, or sexual harrassment in a context that is enlightening and personal, feeling like a close friend opening up to you. What’s most impressive though is that she relates these things into every article in her zine seamlessly. [taken from Microcosm Publishing website]

Doris #15: The Anti-Depression Guide by Cindy Crabb [RM12, 32 pages]
Doris #15 starts by stating “there is nothing wrong with a little depression.  It is a reasonable response to this fucked up world and you don’t need to hide or deny it.”  That’s what makes this anti-depression guide so great.  It doesn’t treat depression like a disease that needs to be hidden and suppressed with the latest trend in drug therapy.  Instead, it offers fun, real-life advice from someone who had dealt with depression. [taken from Microcosm Publishing website]

Indestructible by Cristy Road [RM20, 96 pages]
The follow up to Green Zine #14; Cristy Road now offers up a novel about her years in grade school and high school in Miami – valiantly trying to figure out and defend her gender identity, cultural roots, punk rock nature, and mortality. You know that the artwork alone in here makes this a page turner and the whole package more exciting. Cristy has always existed to remind us of the strength and ability of punk youth – for addressing things like rape, homophobia, and misogyny. This is no exception; giving voice to every frustrated 15 year old girl under fire from her peers for being queer or butch or punk. [taken from Microcosm Publishing website]


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