New stuff, just got in! JOHN Q. PUBLIC!

John Q. Public - The Neverending Why

JOHN Q. PUBLIC – The Neverending Why (RM20)
A melodic punk band, with plenty of hooks to fill your ears and strong full-out playing. Somewhat like the late lamented Lifetime, and also equal parts Jawbreaker. On a few of the more melodic cuts, where the singer’s voice gets good and deep, the latter comparison is particularly apt. Then when the hardcore screaming starts, and the songs rip in both speed and volume, you get the Lifetime sound. Their debut full-length, and it’s a strong one.” – Steve (Shredding Paper #4)

John Q. Public/The Falsies - split

Hardcore/punk band in the vein of Kid Dynamite or Propagandhi with a habit of breaking equipment and each other.” – (taken from their website)
The Falsies are an incredible Gorilla Biscuits style band from Baltimore, MD.” – (taken from JQP website)
John Q. Public sounds a lot like the Falsies. Both are solid, well produced punk rock. 4 songs from each, this is a well put together combination.” – (New Disorder Records’ review)


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