Wha’ Happened?

March 9, 2012

Hello punks! We just moved to a new house! (but we’re still using the same mailing address stated in this website) and the best thing ever, we’re expecting a baby! If everything goes well, the delivery will happen some time in the middle of May 2012.

Expect some distro updates as we’re going to carry awesome stuff from Dead Broke Records and also Art of the Underground. We will list them once we receive them. Keep on checking this website for latest updates yo!


December 17, 2011

Yes! It’s finally here. We picked them up at the pressing plant 2 days back. The tape version of Joey Cape’s Doesn’t Play Well With Others, limited to only 150 copies worldwide, features a different artwork from the 2 original CD/LP pressings. We only have about 37 copies of these sweet babies for sale, and the same goes to Stray Cat & Chocolate Shake Records (Singapore). The remaining copies will be sold by Joey Cape (the man himself!). Once they’re gone, they’re gone forever!

We are now on Bandcamp!

December 5, 2011

That’s right punks! Cellulite Records is now on bandcamp. Now you can listen to all our releases online! The first 2 releases we put is available for full-album streaming. Head over to http://celluliterecords.bandcamp.com. Enjoy!

[NEW] Shock & Awe #04

December 3, 2011

SHOCK & AWE #04 [RM7]
We are carrying Shock & Awe #04 now! 68-pages, professionally-printed A4, with 11 columnists, long interviews with DAIGHILA & THIS IS ATLANTIS, loadsa news and opinions and 10 pages of music, book & film reviews! The best issue so far, people! And you just know it’s gonna get better!!


November 9, 2011

Hello punks! We are proud to inform that we will be working together with our friends at Stray Cats & Chocolate Shake Records to release another Joey Cape tape! This time around is Joey’s second solo full length titled DOESN’T PLAY WELL WITH OTHERS. We got help from a very talented artist from Japan named Toshihiro Matsuo to redo the artwork exclusively for the tape. Toshihiro have done artworks for awesome bands/artists such Dead To Me, Matter, Ken Yokoyama, Tony Sly and Voodoo Glow Skulls just to name a few. Check out his works at: http://www.tm-paint.com/

Check out the new artwork for DPWWO, a video of Joey and get stoked!

So What’s New?

August 3, 2011

Hello! it’s been a while since we last updated this blog. More than half a year to be exact! So what’s new? Oh me and Norly got married.  And yeah, we finally got a new release under our belts! Joey Cape‘s debut solo album that is! If you don’t know Joey Cape, you must be loser. He is famous known of his work as the frontman of the melodic punk band from Santa Barbara, Lagwagon and also indie/experimental rock band Bad Astronaut. The man is also famous of his works with Me First & The Gimmes and also The Playing Favorites. For this release, we collaborated with our good friend from Singapore, Hafizzo. He just started this new label called Stray Cat & Chocolate Shake Records.

Acts of Sedition + Big Kids

November 29, 2010

Hello punks, we have 2 brand new releases available for sale.

ACTS OF SEDITION The Bush Years: 2004-2008 CD [RM12]
36 tracks of tight angry political HC punks from Oakland. Acts Of Sedition embody the DIY punk ethic. They rip through with a unique flair, borrowing punk and hardcore sounds from Black Flag as well as modern heavyweights such as Artimus Pyle and Hot Cross with overtly political lyrics. [review stolen from somewhere]

check out Acts of Sedition playing live at the Speed Trial show @ 924 Gilman:

BIG KIDS Hoop Dreams [RM8]

Big Kids capture the bliss of playing music with your good friends, touring in a shitty van, playing killer house shows and seeing life through the prism of punk rock. Melodies and dirt, sing-alongs and feedback, relationships and ideas…all are represented on their debut LP, Hoop Dreams. If you dig bands like newer Piebald, Small Brown Bike, Bear Vs. Shark, or New Bruises, this band is already your next favorite. [review stolen and modified from Topshelf]
check out Big Kids play live:
LxExAxRxNx/SAMURAI CHAMPLOO split tape (Nasi Kandar Mosh) [RM6]
LEARN is from Italy played fast/thrash tuned with lotsa circle pit. SAMURAI CHAMPLOO is from Penang,Malaysia playing like tunes as Learn but more circle pit part.Nice split for fast music lovers.
[myspace.com/youhavetolearn] [myspace.com/samuraixchamploo]

WEOTSKAM Breaking (Nasi Kandar Mosh) [RM6]
Penang’s Long standing Hardcore/Punk/Fastcore maniacs are back with a new cassette ep titled “Breaking” – dedicated to the breaking of all the things involving racism, fascism, greed, arrogance, lack of respect for each other and conservative thinking in our society. Seven insane trax that will break open all closed minds!
GHAUST/ASEETHE split CD (Cactus Records) [RM15]
Split album featuring two new tracks from Ghaust, “Return Fire” and “Akasia RMX” (Remix by Morge Vanguard, who use to play with political rap group, Homicide). For this time, Ghaust deliver a tighter, and heavier element inside with less post rock influence. Recorded at Sinjitos Studio, Jakarta, that use to have name like Denial and Santamonica recorded there. Aseethe give a one full awesome track, called “The Armada”, with a structure that shadow a cross between Earth, Neurosis and the bands alike. The Armada had been Mastered by legendary James Plotkin (Khanate, Isis, Nadja). Two bands, Three tracks, clocking in 43 minutes of epic heaviness. For fans of Neurosis, Ocean, Khanate and Pelican. Come with a digipack full color packaging.
[http://www.myspace.com/soundofghaust] [http://www.myspace.com/aseethecreation]
SMG (Malaysia) – grind noise, Camphora Monobromata (Russia) – mincecore in vein of Archagathus, Amnogomusikimalo (Russia) – noisecore with experimental touch.
[http://www.myspace.com/smgrinder] [http://www.myspace.com/ammmalo] [no info on camphoramonobromata]
V/A I HATE MY LIFE, SONGS TO KILL YOUR BOSS TO compilation CD (Good Times Records) [RM10]
featuring What Happens Next, In Defence, Un Quarto Morto, Clean Break, A Bit Of Brain Dead, Eye Gouge, Fedup, Prisonbitch, No Such Luck, Conquest For Death, S.M.D., The Mindless Show, Blocked Out, Party By The Slice, Get Rad, Slogan Free Youth, Malparido, All To Hell, The Strugglers, Pride Of Place, One Strength and Craterface. All these bands are killer and are made up of rad people so i don’t see why you shouldn’t get a hold of it. [description stolen from Good Times Records]
V/A INTERNATIONAL THRASH PARTY An 8 Way Split Blast (Problem Records/Flipped Up Records) [RM15]
8 bands from 7 countries all around the world. Featuring Black Sister, Clean Break, Napalm Breath, Crippled Fox, Injakmati, Waking The Dead, The Shining, and Minkions. Split release with Problem? Records from Scotland. 40 excellent thrash/punk/hardcore songs and pure DIY mentality.
TERROR FIRMER it’s a fast combo devoted to old school thrashing grindcore in the vein of REPULSION, HERESY, S.O.B., early NAPALM DEATH with 3 new blasting tracks after their split 7″ with HUMUS. Pure Alcoholic Terror! MINKIONS comes again very soon after their 3 way 12″ split with BARBATOS and VOETSEK with 2 new raging tracks of ’80s thrashcore metal influenced by DRI, CRYPTIC SLAUGHTER, ACCUSED + a WEHRMACHT cover!!! Put on your bandana!! Limited to 500 copies on black fucking yinyl! Buy it and let’s get drunk!
[http://www.myspace.com/tfirmer] [http://www.myspace.com/minkions]

IN DEFENCE/PARTY BY THE SLICE split 7″ EP (Berzerker/Crash Assailant/ Goodtimes/Insulin Addicted) [RM15]
Good luck trying to find seven inches of wax with more fun crammed into it than this split between Twin Cities tacolytes In Defence and Milwaukee pizza-eaters Party By The Slice. Which band delivers the most fun? On “Bromophobia,” In Defence offers this line: “You’re just a boy with a cheesy mustache, Wanda Sykes is going to kick your ass.” On the flipside, Party By The Slice pairs the classic line from Romero’s Dawn of the Dead “When there’s no room left in hell, the dead will walk the earth” with “By the time they make it to the lunchroom, they’ll get their just desserts.” When you’re talking zombies, you’re talking my language. [review by MP Johnson, for Razorcake]
[http://www.myspace.com/indefence] [http://www.myspace.com/partybytheslice]

We’re Still Here!

November 1, 2010

Hello dear punks! It’s been a while and we are back some new stuff! Check ’em out!

GOOD CLEAN FUN On The Streets Saving The Scene From The Forces Of Evil TAPE (Refuse Records) [RM8]
Tape version of their second full length. Positive old school straight edge HC from Washington DC

CATHARSIS Samsara TAPE (Youth Culture Records) [RM8]
Catharsis was an influential American  hardcore punk band from Chapel Hill, North Carolina that was active from 1994 to 2002. They were associated with “Holy Terror”, a phenomenon commonly regarded as a form of apocalyptic metallic hardcore that was breeding during the mid-’90s. Catharsis were also known for writing extremely lengthy songs (sometimes broken into multiple parts) with complex title names and unusual time signatures. Catharsis took appreciable influence from Integrity, Neurosis, His Hero Is Gone, Breakdown, Starkweather, Amebix, Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Diamanda Galás, GISM, Refused and the early demo recordings of Belgian hardcore band, Negate. The dark, reggae-styled song, ‘Deserts Without Mirages’ on the album, Passion, is perhaps a reflection of the singer’s appreciation for Peter Tosh. The song’s lyrics also heavily borrow from the spoken word passages in the Godspeed You! Black Emperor song ‘The Dead Flag Blues’. Passion album also samples from Jim Jarmusch’s Dead Man

GOVERNMENT FLU Fuck Poetics + Demo 2008 CD (Refuse Records) [RM20]
Polish punk / hardcore “all stars” combo playing early 80s influenced brand of Black Flag, Minor Threat, Faith, Negative Approach, Die Kreuzen, Dead Kennedys, N.O.T.A. influenced music, following the paths of Direct Control, Career Suicide, Government Warning or Citizens Patrol. This CD combines their 1st two 7″ EPs both released in 2009.

HIT ME BACK Life CD (Refuse Records) [RM20]
This is full length-release from this Los Angeles band. After two 7’s and two split 7″s we have it here thirteen brand new songs that have more influences of more anthemic and melodic early 80’s punk and hardcore, but still with fast and thrash hardcore parts. You can expect lots of youthful expression and energy coming out of this record. Their lyrics covering personal and social issues, not forgetting about some humor and passions of the band members – skateboarding and records collecting. All the songs were recorded in LA by Craigums (What Happens Next?). CD version contains eight bonus songs. Seven of them are taken from “Only Magic School Bus Goes Back In Time” 7″ep (including Heresy cover) and one coming from the same session, previously never released.

V/A PUT THOSE COOKIES BACK! (Middle Man Records) [RM10]
You miss 90’s punk rock? Well this one is for you! It’s not a 90’s punk rock revival, but REALLY a product from the 90’s! This compilation was released back then! Featuring awesome bands you may or may have not heard before such as Chumpslap, The Fairmonts, Swampfoot, The Groms, White Trash Superman, One Good Eye, The Flatspots, Crackbabies, John Q. Public, Archie & The Pukes, Dead End Kids, Phallocracy, Funeral Oration, Link 80, Log, Product Four, Drunk N’ Anger, Squatweiler and No More!

Just like the name itself, the band’s music is unexpected, furious, sometimes subtle, intricate and yet devastating. Working hard to strip the gloss from today’s manufactured music. Little Girl Terrorist’s music is at once beautiful, complicated and yet consuming – the guitars are feverish and sweepingly frantic, punctuated by technical drums and harsh, screaming, honest vocals. Their live shows are intimate, the dancefloors are just as intense. Sing with them, scream into that microphone – they would want you to. The band is always trying to be as close to the crowd as possible, diminish the distance between stage and floor, chaos and beauty keeping their music genuine. (taken from their myspace)


JANE HOE demo tape [RM6]
Scremo from Germany, first release on Epileptic Media, hand-numbered tape limited to 150 copies only worldwide!
[http://www.myspace.com/janehoeband] [http://www.myspace.com/epilepticmedia]

ONSET OF SERIOUS PROBLEMS Oblivions EP TAPE (Rip Kids/Teriak/Happy Thrash Distro) [RM6]
Where am I going with this? Enter one of Indonesia’s best kept secrets: (unless you’ve never heard of Proletar, in which case this is the second best kept secret) Onset Of Serious Problems. This two-man destruction unit fucking grinds. They know how write proper intros. They string together crust riffs like seasoned veterans. They know how (and when) to thrash. And they’ve got plenty of double bass. All the ingredients are in place to state firmly that these guys are a grind band. But two glaring things stand out to change my mind. The first is their tone. Guitarist/Vocalist Wahyu uses a tone that distinctly “sounds” like the brand of punk that evolved into mid-90’s powerviolence. The second element comes from the vocals. Wahyu screams his lungs out like an Indonesian Issac from ManMadePredator era Leng Tch’e. The EP is seven songs in eight minutes. Considering it’s a mini CD from a band I’ve never heard of on a label I’m unfamiliar with, I’d say the production is stellar. In true EP fashion, track one, Mass Obliteration, sets the tone with a brief and familiar instrumental intro. This builds up through three different drum beats and then the Onset begins. OOSP never mess around when it comes to riffs. They seem to be always changing. Some are brought back later in a song, or exchanged verse-chorus-verse style, but nothing sticks around long enough to wear out its welcome. The drumming from Bondie follows along, constantly changing up between punk/thrash, blast and double bass. It’s an old punk’s dream come true. Those non punk, non-powerviolence fans among us might be a little bothered by what could be considered monotonous vocals. Anyone demanding variation in this regard will be disappointed. Those of you who can look past this will be duly rewarded. I absolutely love it. If Wahyu ever figures out a death growl, look out world. Either way, this is a band that with a bright future. [review stolen from: chainsawjustice]

ROGGON/STATEMENT OF OUTRAGE split tape (Bad Creature Records) [RM6]
Malaysian and Singaporean grindcore combo!
[http://www.myspace.com/roggon] [sorry no link to SOF]

SMG/WAGE GARNISHER split tape (Jerry’s Night Spot) [RM6]
Only 50 copies made on brutal analog pro-tape.  SMG offer up 5 brand new tracks and 7 live tracks recorded March 2009, and WG bring 8 brand new songs to the table including a Tegan & Sara cover.
[http://www.myspace.com/smgrinder] [http://www.myspace.com/wagegarnisher]

SMG Too Many Human: Double CD-R [RM12]
For the first time, debut full-length CD-R (double discs).  This is not a discography, but a collection of: exclusive new studio tracks from 2009 – 2010 + unreleased/ live/ rehearsal/ rarity/ etc. 2004 – 2010 + bonus tracks from split tape with OWL and TJMS. 49 tracks / over 70 minutes! Grind your fucking head in!

BETERCORE YouthcrustDiscography!! CD (Karatekore/Sxetan) [RM10]
Betercore is a fastcore/”youthcrust” (whatever the fuck that is) band from Amsterdam. They don’t exist anymore but this a fucking great record if you’re into short fast songs with screaming vocals that sound like they can’t possibly be coming out of a human being.


KESUMAT/THRASH OHOII split 7″ EP (Pissart/Basement) [RM18]
5 + 5 new energetic no nonsense thrashing and chaotic HC violence, Pissart’s first 7″ releases! come with A3 posters, rad drawings, excessive hard paper usage all in this piece!! This is awesome tight shit!
[http://www.myspace.com/kesumatband] [http://www.myspace.com/txohooii]

Zine from the east-coast of malaysia, by Anix (founder of Crysis Records). This  issue features the usual articles, columns, poetry, reviews and also an interview with John D. Madman

HOMESICK: A Malaysian Zine Omnibus (Vol. 1) [RM4]
This is a superb effort to combine a bunch of NEW zine writings and release them together. Featuring Abastained Agogo, DRSA, A Dream?, Conscious, Mosh, Adaptation, Ancaman Kecil, Bebal, Qaseh Sayunk, Dead Memories, Hitam Putih, Masked Reader, Sebutir Bintang Merah, Ranjau Di Jalanan and Blur. Punk who love to read, rule and you lose!

Just like the name itself, the band’s music is unexpected, furious, sometimes subtle, intricate and yet devastating. Working hard to strip the gloss from today’s manufactured music. Little Girl Terrorist’s music is at once beautiful, complicated and yet consuming – the guitars are feverish and sweepingly frantic, punctuated by technical drums and harsh, screaming, honest vocals.Their live shows are intimate, the dancefloors are just as intense. Sing with them, scream into that microphone – they would want you to. The band is always trying to be as close to the crowd as possible, diminish the distance between stage and floor, chaos and beauty keeping their music genuine